FLOW: Smooth, all levels class, syncing breath to movement

ALIGNMENT: Static holds within a diverse array of standing and seated postures

POWER FLOW: More intense than flow, build internal heat through breath and core activation

EARTH GODDESS FLOW: An intuitive and guided flow utilizing Kundalini yoga & pranyama, deep beats, drumming, soulful world music and electronic music.

GENTLE YOGA: Deep stretches & inquisitive movement in both active & passive positions 

RESTORE + YOGA NIDRA: 15 minutes of ancient breathing techniques. Pawanmuktasana, facilitating the movement of fluid through the sinovial joints. The final portion of class is Yoga Nidra; the body sleeps, the mind stays active

RESTORE + SELF MASSAGE: Prop-assisted stretching, oscillationbreathwork, meditation, and self massage with tennis balls


IN DEPTH FLOW: A deep dive into a pose, concept, or theme, expect to learn micro movements, explore long holds, and at times, sync breath to movement

RESTORE + REFLECT: An opportunity to connect to the subtle layers of self. Bring your journal for light writing and visual exercises. Then relax into a variety of yoga poses, breathwork, and the Pawanmuktasana Series. When Meg teaches, she includes Yoga Nidra

FRESTYL BASICS: A physical therapy based pole class, including a mix of floorwork, spins, and preparations for climbing the pole and inverting. Frestyl hosts classes at a variety of studios and is a separate entity from Northern Yoga Center. Click here to sign up through their website!


REST FIX: Explore 4-5 poses in this shortened restore class

FLOW FIX: 15 minutes of flow, 10 minutes of deep stretch and savasana

POWER FIX: Target different muscle groups each week with a variety of body weight exercisess

MEDTATION FIX: A combination of different meditation styles; experience walking meditationseated meditation, sound baths, and visualization exercises

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