Our Flow class is dynamic, rhythmic, and powerful. With a focus on the relationship between breath and movement,Expect to build warmth and strength, while cultivating a state of mental ease. 


 Utilizing longer sustained static holds within a diverse array of standing and seated postures, Our Hatha practice offers an opportunity to experience several breaths within each shape. You’ll build sustained strength within slow twitch muscle fibers, and enjoy long stretches as well. 


 Our Restore practice offers intentional space to access and explore the deep and subtle layers of mind and body, alongside the support of blankers, bolsters, straps, and blocks. Focused on full relaxation and support, you’ll leave feeling more attune and aligned. 


This 25 minute practice is similar to our flow format, which is reinvented each season to help your body adapt and grow.  Come by and kick start your metabolism over the lunch hour!


 Embracing a style similar to our Restore format class, this 25 minute practice is great way to relieve stress and restore yourself mid-day. 


 This 75 minute practice creates a context to dive deeply into a specific pose, concept, or theme. Marrying elements of our Flow format along with our Hatha format, you’ll enjoy an extended and well rounded practice that’s clear and focused. 


 An experimental class that will be different each week, and only costs $5. This is a chance for us to try out new formats and new teachers. After 50 minutes of play, you will be given a survey to let us know what you loved and what you could do without. The classes that get the most love just might end up on the regular schedule!Help us mold the future here at Northern Yoga Center! 

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