LEVEL 1-2 FLOW: Smooth, all levels class, syncing breath to movement

ALIGNMENT: Static holds within a diverse array of standing and seated postures

POWER FLOW: More intense than flow, build internal heat through breath, balancing, and core activation

EARTH WARRIOR FLOW: An intuitive and guided flow utilizing Kundalini yoga & pranyama, deep beats, drumming, soulful world music and electronic music.

GENTLE YOGA: Deep stretches & inquisitive movement in both active & passive positions 

CHAIR YOGA: Chair Yoga’s therapeutic adaptive exercises work the body from head to toe promoting wellbeing. The movements help to alleviate chronic pain, relieve high anxiety and stress levels, elevate quality of life, lower blood pressure, improve sleep patterns, and manage depression. The modified stretches are great for people in any condition to do anytime and anywhere. When Abby teaches she will incorporate somatics.

RESTORE + FLEXIBILITY: A series of 7-10 poses supported by blocks/pillows focused on letting gravity do the work while the body relaxes. Each pose is held for 3-5 minutes.

RESTORE + SELF MASSAGE: Prop-assisted stretching, oscillationbreathwork, meditation, and self massage with tennis balls


IN DEPTH FLOW: A deep dive into a pose, concept, or theme, expect to learn micro movements, explore long holds, and at times, sync breath to movement

FRESTYL BASICS: A physical therapy based pole class, including a mix of floorwork, spins, and preparations for climbing the pole and inverting. Frestyl hosts classes at a variety of studios and is a separate entity from Northern Yoga Center. Click here to sign up through their website!


REST FIX: Explore 4-5 poses in this shortened restore class

FLOW FIX: 15 minutes of flow, 10 minutes of deep stretch and savasana

POWER FIX: Target different muscle groups each week with a variety of body weight exercisess

MEDTATION FIX: A combination of different meditation styles; experience walking meditationseated meditation, sound baths, and visualization exercises

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