Mentorship with JQ

Ready for the next phase of your teaching career? 

This 36 hour program could be the perfect thing for you. I have decided to limit the number of participants In the program to 10 beautiful souls to maximize the potency of our work together. Meaning, If you want to join this group, Its a commitment to more than yourself, Its a commitment to all of the souls In the group.

What is the commitment? 

June 7, 14, 28, July 12, 19, 26, August 2, 9
All sessions will take place via Zoom conference call

Each Sunday morning we will have a mandatory group meeting, 10-11:30am Central (8-9:30 Pacific).  The first 20 minutes will be spent chanting, meditating, doing breath work, and/or journaling. The second 20 minutes will be spent addressing questions that you all have submitted in advance. The last 50 minutes will be spent on the topic of the week. 
Sunday afternoons will consist of optional workshops between 2-4hours long.
Each workshop will correspond with the theme of the week.
Want to know more? Read about each week below!

Week 1

To be the most effective leader, you will need to begin understanding alignment. Nope, not physical alignment. Alignment of your actions with your dharma. 

Workshop on holding space for others.

Week 2
Eyes Open

This week Is about drawing upon what is presenting itself to you. It is up to you to take ethereal concepts and bring them into the tangible reality.

Workshop on theming your classes.

Week 3

To create something uniquely your own you need to understand how to take your themes and ideas then tell a story that leads the student to discovery

Workshop on creating unique sequences.

Week 4
Creating Space

In order to move in any direction, you'll need to clear paths and set boundaries. In order to manifest, you must put in work to make space for your Ideas to be fruitful

Financial planning and budgeting workshop

Week 5
Seed Planting

Learn to ask for what you need to grow from others but also from the universe. Our voice is impactful, It carries our persona, or personal sound. When we ask from an aligned heart and powerful voice, things happen!

Speech Workshop with a Specialized Voice Coach

Week 6

Regularly meditating on your vision will help you identify blockages and see more clearly. This will be a practice you should maintain going forward.

The workshop this week will help you build a style guide for your personal brand

Week 7
Seeing What Is

Our ideas have a spirit of their own. It is important to recognize what has decided to come into existence

The workshop this week will teach you how to take your own photographs and then we will build a basic website.

Week 8
Giving Sincerely

Just like your students have unique needs, so do your ideas. Each idea will need special nurturing.

This week Instead of a workshop you will get a two hour 1 on 1 session with JQ

What do you take away?

In addition to the hours spent actively learning with me, you'll be sent home with weekly assignments.
Some of the activities will Include worksheets that you can keep and refer back to down the road.
All power points will be provided as PDFs for review.

Required Hours: Eight 90 minute morning sessions totaling 12 hours
Supplemental Hours: 8 workshops varying between 2-4 hours In length totaling roughly 36 hours

Financial Commitment

These workshops alone would usually cost over $1000
By signing up for the whole program you get a substantial discount

All In: $550 - Click HERE to purchase

Required Hours Only: $160 

Payment Plan: $200 Deposit, 3 bi monthly payments of $160
Email to set up a payment plan.

You can also piece together the workshops you want, pricing listed below
Workshops will be available for registration on Mind Body May 20th.

Week 1: $35
Week 2: $35
Week 3: $35
Week 4: $25
Week 5: $50
Week 6: $100
Week 7: $100
Week 8: $150

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