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... are curated to help you grow.  We don't believe that you have to travel somewhere exotic to find the magic within you, we believe that everything you need is inside of you and can be found in your immediate vicinity!  Having said that, there is so much beauty and growth that can come from travel.  We offer retreats in Minnesota, and also all around the world.  Below you can find our upcoming retreat opportunities!

A Desert Retreat - Starship Landing

October 10-14, 2019



With seemingly endless ingenuity, Debby empowers those around her to excel as well.  On her blog, readers share in stories she and her friends write about a variety of active, healthy, conscious-living experiences. Find her on a bike, rock, paddleboard or skis, and sometimes biking to the other activities. This dedicated mom of socially conscious teenagers has no shortage of causes she champions.  She believes in the interconnectedness of us all and consistently works toward improving the world for all its inhabitants.

So carpe your mat, and join Debby for a journey bound to embolden you to love and live more.


Zoe Wirth is a sincere and spirited yoga teacher based in Los Angeles, originally from Florida, in her heart calls Miami Beach her home. Integrating joy into yoga practice is her main focus. After working for years in the fast-paced fashion industry as a stylist, Zoe found peace through yoga, eventually making the shift into full time yogi after completing her RYT at White Lotus Foundation in Santa Barbara California.

With a naturally curious mind, Zoe is an eager student, consistently sharing new things she’s gathered along the way. She is known for integrating humor into her class, while holding a meditative space where students can connect to their physical bodies from an internal experience. “What I love the most about yoga is that it’s boundless, no real goal or end game, this notion takes a lot of the pressure off, finding fun and freedom in practice; I take my classes to a place where if you fall, you fall with a smile-but watch your teeth.”


JQ Williams is a warm and energetic teacher. Expect to learn a lot about anatomy and body mechanics under her teaching while she takes you on a journey of free expression through body and spirit. She is a certified 500 E RYT, who owns a studio in Saint Paul Minnesota and travels teaching nation-wide.

“Yoga came to me after I severely injured my back pole vaulting.  In truth, my practice was more or less just stretching at first, but after a soundbath induced my first meditative state, I knew I had stumbled on something much bigger than healing a physical wound.  My goal as a teacher is to help you take ownership over your body, and your life. My classes are always set to build on one another leaving you with a trail of learning connecting where you were to where you have arrived. Life is always a journey, and I’m so honored to be part of my students’ paths.” 

What's In Store:

Starship Landing, The Integratron, Joshua Tree National Park, Gifts from Banyan


Morning Coffee
Three vegan and gluten free meals each day
Vegan GF Snacks in the house kitchens
(If you would like to eat animal protein, you may bring your own and cook in the kitchen)
Please email us with any food allergies and/or sensitivities

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