We’re grateful to have the capacity to bring our studio online through the ZOOM app. Even though we can’t be with each other in our physical space (although we can’t wait for you to see it in-person!), we can continue to be together virtually. 

Participating in a virtual environment can feel strange or confusing sometimes. We’ve compiled some answers to frequently asked questions below. Don’t see an answer to your question? Send us an email. We mean it when we say we’re here for you; we want to connect and help in any way we can. 

Broadcasting LIVE from Minnesota - Central Time Zone


  • Download the app Zoom onto your computer, phone, tablet - whatever device you’ll be using to practice. 
  • We recommend opening up the app and poking around, so you’re familiar with it before taking class. 
  • Go to our schedule; select the class you would like to take. 
  • If you’ve taken classes at Northern before, make sure your phone number and email are up-to-date in your profile. If you are new to Northern, make sure to include this information in your student profile. 
  • Register for class at least 30 minutes before class starts. 
  • You’ll receive an emailed link and/or text 15 minutes prior to class. 
  • Sign in to class at least 5 minutes before class begins by clicking the link sent to you. 
  • This is important! Sometimes, there are technical difficulties and our teachers can’t help you sign in if class has already started. 


Below are some general guidelines to make our online environment as cozy as possible. 

  • Unless your teacher states otherwise, mute your mic! 

  • Pin the instructor’s video to get a full-screen view of the flow. 

  • Instructors love to see your faces! If you feel comfortable doing so, enable your video. This also enables instructors to give specific feedback. 


A home-practice is entirely different than a studio practice. The intention of Northern Yoga is to support the practice of yoga. The intention of a home is to be cozy and livable and comfortable and nourishing for you and your family. It can be hard to focus on practice when kids or cats are running around, the dishwasher is running, neighbors are watching Westworld a little too loudly, and so on. WE GET IT. Through teaching online and cultivating our own home practices, the teachers at Northern have some insight into how to prepare your practice space. 

  • Create a dedicated space for your mat. If possible, do this in a room where you can be alone (no kids, loved ones, etc.).
  • See if you can have at least a palms worth of space around your mat for freedom of movement
  • Light a candle and/or some incense
  • Put your phone on silent.
  • Into crystals? Gather them around you. Into mantras? Write one down and place it at the top of your mat. 
  • Notice yourself and your desires during class. This can be harder than it sounds. We are creatures of habit, and where we feel at home tends to be where some of our habits are strongest. When we say notice, we don’t mean to shame or judge yourself. We mean to observe without judgement and to be curious. 
  • Check in with how you feel in movement or stillness. Do you feel a desire to grab your phone, go to the fridge, walk out of the room for a bit? Do you feel a desire to challenge yourself more than you usually would? To be more kind to yourself? Where do your thoughts and energies go when things get hard? When they feel too easy? 


Check out our teacher @jennalewin’s video on props you can find around your house. Want to invest in some equipment? Check out the links below, ranked from most to least important. Props aren’t absolutely necessary, but they can be wonderful additions to a home practice.  

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