Meet Our Teachers

JQ Williams

JQ is a warm and energetic teacher, full of anatomical knowledge and biomechanical curiosity.  

Her classes are a combination of flow, alignment and exploration.  Just when you think you have a handle on her teaching, she will surprise you with some new twist or turn that will keep your practice growing for years to come. 

Owner of Northern Yoga Center, JQ has been practicing for 14 years and teaching for 7.  In Los Angeles, she trained under Kumudini Ma Nitha and was certifiied to teach in 2012.  She then went on to complete her 300 hour training at Wanderlust's Hollywood Studio.  Her 300 hour included training with Annie Carpenter, Carrie Owerko, Scott Schwenk, Clio Manuelian, Tias Little and Joan Hyman.

Kristy Hanson

Kristy is our resident Hatha expert.  Hatha (pronounced hatta) at Northern is focused on opening up the many chanels of the body, so that energy can flow with ease.  That's the best part about Kristy's classes, you find yourself exploring challenging depths coupled with a sense of ease.  

Kristy received her 200-hr YTT certification from the Shambhava Yoga Konalani Ashram. She has also  continued her education and sought flow inspiration from Jules Mitchell, Trina Altman, Jessamyn Stanley, and Sianna Sherman

"I live life by a series of mottos that inspire my teachings, my living, and my learning: now is the time to be bold; shut up and listen; keep it simple. You can expect my classes to be thoughtfully and intelligently sequenced." 

Meg Veitenheimer

Meg is our resident Yoga Nidra expert and Restorative specialist.  She also teaches flow classes, but her heart lies in transmitting the skills to access the subtle parts of your consciousness.  If we heal the root of our issues, the internal world, then it is easier to heal the external body.

Meg’s priority as a teacher is empowering practitioners to connect with their internal knowing through the practice of presence.  Meg uses the tools of guided movement, Yoga Nidra, and meditation to provide intuitive and grounding classes.

In a day and age where stress-related illness is prevalent, Meg is confident in the healing capabilities of these incredibly simple yet profound practices.


100-hour Restorative and Yoga Nidra Teacher Training (2017, Anahata Retreat Center)

6-week Pranayama course (2015, Benjamin Vincent)

Trauma-informed weekend training (2014, Street Yoga)

230-hour RYT Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training (2014, Your Yoga)

Abby Leigh Hammes

Abby is a 200hr certified teacher from the Sattva Yoga Academy in Rishikesh. Her flow classes effortlessly weave in kundalini practices, mudras and a warm sense of grounding.

Laura Craig

Laura is a certified 200hr yoga teacher who then completed both a mentorship and internship under JQ Williams at Northern Yoga Center early in 2019.

Laura's teaching style is sweet, playful and loving.

Adam Freydlund

Adam is a 200hr RYT trained by Corepower Yoga.

Adam is open about his journey evolving from being an alcoholic to becoming a yogi, and then teacher.

Through his teaching he aims to create a safe place for healing mind, body and heart, while spending more time enjoying exploring the natural world outside of the yoga room.

He believes that transformation is the little sliver of the universe it moulds us into something that works better for all.

Sara Sleeper

Sara’s yogic journey began nearly 15 years ago as she searched for alternative ways to combat mounting anxiety and insomnia. Sara pursued a holistic approach to her health, embracing a plant-based diet and a yoga practice.

After 9 years of dedicated practice and participation in her local yoga community, She studied yoga in Krakow, Poland under mentors Vinay Kumar Jesta & Syzmon Jaroslawski. Since then, Sara has received her E-RYT 200 teacher training, and is certified in yin-yoga. She spent 2 years studying with Christina Sell in the mountains of Colorado to earning her RYT 500, and continues to explore various lineages of yoga with the help of her mentors, Ali Certain and Christina Sell.

When she isn’t teaching or practicing, Sara enjoys spending time with her cocker spaniel, Madison, reflecting on Britney Spears and drag queens, and drinking wine through crazy straws.

Jenna Lewins

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